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Hello, How are you?
Well, I do not intend to follow more with this account, I have a new account now:


So who want to continue watching my art, please watch me there.
If you have adopted a character from me or bought some art not forget to save it, because it will all be erased soon

If you have adopted a character from me, please be sure to save them.

wolf adoptables CLOSED by Lobinhaa 
1. MjollnirOfJotunheim
2. RBloodwolf (new account)
3. lexiethedog 
4. MjollnirOfJotunheim
5. Sidney361
6. Zombieanya

wolf adoptables Free CLOSED by Lobinhaa
1. lexiethedog
2. NightAngelLuna

Fox adoptables 5 Point Each OPEN by Lobinhaa
2.  Dragonrage19

Wolf Pup Adopt Free CLOSED by Lobinhaa

Yusenair (new account)

Canine Adopt  CLOSED by Lobinhaa

1. Yusenair (new account)
2 . ForgottenSengit (new account)
4. Yusenair (new account)
5. Yusenair (new account)
6. SekitaLuna
7. Lodidah
8. Fawrae  (new account)
10. SkeletonLete
11. Yusenair (new account)
12. Lodidah

Wolf adoptables CLOSED by Lobinhaa
1. Foxxeh-Melly
3. theSkepna
4. Foxxeh-Melly
5. Fawrae (new account)
7. Fawrae (new account)
8. MonsoonWolf
9. samsocksadopts
10. caribous
12. Fawrae (new account)
13. Msnarutowolfgirl
14. Msnarutowolfgirl

German Shepherd adoptables  CLOSED by Lobinhaa
1. iDroid (new account)
2. iDroid (new account)
3. MileHill
4. Fawrae (new account)
5. SkylandAcresRescue
6. SkylandAcresRescue

Canine adoptables CLOSED by Lobinhaa
1. oCrystal
2. Blackbrier
3. Prince-Foxlan
4. theSkepna

elemental wolf adopt 2 points each OPEN by Lobinhaa
1. Yusenair (new account)
3. Yusenair (new account)
4. Wolforgirl15
5. Shamboro
6. SailorEarth00

Pit Bull adopatable  CLOSED by Lobinhaa
1. Fawrae (new account)
2. xSilentRougeWolfx
3. Cant-Sleep-Love
4. iDroid (new account)
5. iDroid (new account)
6. iDroid (new account)
7. iDroid (new account)
8. iDroid (new account)
9. iDroid (new account)

Cat adoptable name your price OPEN by Lobinhaa
1. ForgottenSengit (new account)
2. kiitcat
3. KingBrovu
4. samsocksadopts
5. ForgottenSengit (new account)
6. samsocksadopts
7. iDroid (new account)

wolf adopt CLOSED by Lobinhaa
2. Yusenair (new account)
3.  maiithevamp
4. Yusenair (new account)
6.  maiithevamp
7. Yusenair (new account)

Cat adoptable  CLOSED by Lobinhaa
1.  Icy-Cami
2. ForgottenSengit (new account)
4.  FrozenAdopts
5. ForgottenSengit (new account)
6.  FireBurstCat
7.  Icy-Cami
8. ForgottenSengit (new account)

Eastern dragon egg adoptable 7 point each by Lobinhaa
1.  EpicMew
2.  popolis
4. Fawrae (new account)
5.  popolis
6.  DarkFlame11
7.  DarkFlame11
8.  Linktydraad

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uh, yes?
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A full body, complete drawing with a transparent background of my friend, RooksRookery's character… Please can the example on the  left be drawn. (The feline.)
And I'd love a fullbody of my character Galen please :D…
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Hi!! :hug:
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